Corporate Profile

Our Company


Qtes was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1998 with a vision to be an end-to-end Solution Provider in the region for IT products. Today, Qtes comprises of separate, closely managed Strategic Business Units involved in areas such as Software Solutions & Custom Development, Distribution, Retail, Customer Care, Professional Services, Corporate Sales and Consultancy. All Qtes divisions are headed by well-qualified, highly experienced and skilled professionals. With skill sets and abilities strongly focused on delivering apt, timely solutions to clients Qtes’ people are its prime assets.

Our Strategy


Our strategy is to continuously add new products, equipment and services to solve a widening array of customer challenges in the region. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help customers achieve timely, cost effective and best of breed products and services. Our culture also demands that we be responsible advocates of the communities in which we live and work, and of the natural environment we all share. A clearly defined strategy guides Qtes’ daily actions.

Our Products and Services